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Red Cliff Part 1 (Chi bi) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed - Download Now

When he worked in Hong Kong's stylistically promiscuous movie industry, Woo did it all, from costume pictures to romantic comedies. But he's best known for his gangster movies, and for good reason: Films like The Killer and Hard Boiled balanced the director's more florid tendencies with street-level realism.

Red Cliff feels less urgent and authentic than those movies, and not just because its spurting blood is clearly computer-generated. While not as extravagantly art-directed as Zhang Yimou's Hero or House of Flying Daggers, Woo's movie is too tidy to evoke combat's mud, gore and terror.

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In Woo's defense, the U.S. version of Red Cliff may be sketchy because it's cut been by half. Released in two parts in Asia, the movie lost roughly two hours on its way to American screens. What remains is a cast-of-thousands saga that concentrates on just four people.

Synergy attained, the two men begin plotting the movie's two major engagements. In the first, the defenders use "the tortoise formation" to repel and then trap Cao Cao's superior forces. The second showdown involves ships, fire and a timely shift in the wind. (Zhuge turns out to be one heck of a weather forecaster.)

Reportedly the most expensive Chinese-language movie ever, Red Cliff impresses with its sweep, scale and precision. It's like a real-world chess game, with pawns who never seem fully alive, even when they bleed copiously.


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