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Ems Training Suit Buy ^HOT^

The ANTELOPE.APP serves as the central control unit of the ANTELOPE.SUIT. The app is connected to the energy source, the so-called BOOSTER, via Bluetooth. In the app you can choose between the programs: endurance, strength and regeneration. The programmes are designed for the respective training sessions and intensify the muscle contractions using the appropriate frequencies, impulse widths and impulse types. In addition, the stimulation of the muscles is controlled with the help of the app. Individual muscle groups can be controlled individually via an avatar, which enables targeted and partial training.

ems training suit buy

Which is the right equipment for you? It depends on the purpose you will be using it for. Are you looking for an EMS suit for personal home training? Then click right on the home training category and choose your favourite brand. All personal devices featured in the store are wireless equipment with an EMS training suit, a control box (often referred to as power or smart box) and a smartphone application that you will be able to download from the App Store or Google Play after purchase. If the kit of your choice contains any extras, we will display it on the product page.

In case you are a personal trainer, fitness studio or gym owner looking for an EMS machine for business purposes, choose either the completely mobile muscle stimulator devices or EMS studio equipment. Manufacturers offer flexible packages to fit your business needs. You will find everything from equipment suitable for single user training to equipment suitable for EMS cardio group training for up to 30(!) people.

By using EMS in your training programs, you can achieve results quickly and effectively. Which type of training is best to achieve the desired result - traditional strength training or functional training? Let us find it out!

EMS fitness has proven itself well and it is now hard to imagine professional sports without it. It is used effectively by athletes in various phases of training, from increasing strength performance to recovery.

An EMS training suit is appropriate for an electrical muscle stimulation workout. It includes software and a bodysuit to boost muscle stimulation. The software can trigger the electrodes in the ensemble to send impulses to the wearer's body. These electronic signals mimic the brain's commands to activate the surface and deep muscles. Using the EMS suit promotes muscle activity even if the person only uses the EMS fitness suit for 20 minutes. Its short usage is roughly equivalent to the results gained from a 4-hour conventional exercise.

Beginners often wonder if they can wear anything with their EMS workout suit. Men wear the electrical muscle stimulation suit with nothing else underneath, but women usually don a sports bra and underwear. Wearers shouldn't worry about hygiene issues if they don't put on anything under the EMS body suit because it's washable and has 2% antibacterial silver material. For footwear, many people use trainers for safety reasons, especially when using weights during workouts. However, they may go barefoot to boost their balance, muscle alignment, and stability.

People who exercise wearing the EMS suit workout spend less time exercising. A 20-minute workout weekly can activate and train all the muscles, while a traditional gym workout requires at least thrice weekly to gain the preferred results. Moreover, individuals using the EMS full-body suit experience improved posture and increased physical awareness after the first use. They may feel muscle stiffness, but they shouldn't worry because it means their bodies are getting fit with each use.

Workouts using the full-body EMS suit can activate 92% of the muscles for every contraction of the muscle groups. On the other hand, traditional exercise doesn't trigger the deeper muscle groups. Beginners shouldn't worry about joint strain because they wouldn't use weights during their routines. In addition, they wouldn't undergo high-impact training that may result in injuries and strains. People with injuries, joint problems, and the elderly can undergo EMS training wearing an EMS exercise suit for an easier workout routine.

Easy access and an intuitive menu help all users to set up the most suitable training program for their workout. Create a profile, build your online training plan, and save your favorite settings for the next time.

BB908 device can be combined with dry training suit, wet training vests, can meet the usage habits of different customers and take into account the common gym user and VIP clients services, etc., can help your business create new operating models.

1. All parts of BB908 EMS training suit wet type are carefully designed, and its characteristic is how they fit the body perfectly, which minimizes the time required for each customer to wear and adjust the suit;

2. The training suit contains 24 high-tech electrodes, special External oblique muscle and deltoid muscle (Bodytech is specially designed to directly stimulate the muscles on the deltoid muscle without accessories);

Answer: No, there are no technical limitations . You can install the app on your Android smartphone, your iPhone and your tablet at the same time and use it as often as you like. We understand that the daily training courses offered by the gym are very large, so we will try our best to help our customers earn more profits on one machine.

Answer: We will naturally provide a statutory warranty for our system. However, customers are also obligated to check their own systems correctly when received, and always handle them with care. The electrode pads and suit are consumables and must be properly handled as high-tech products. If handled incorrectly, this may result in the inability to perform basic repairs. You will need to carefully read the maintenance instructions in the user guide and check our support videos to handle the equipment and training suits. If there is a technical problem or a potential warranty claim, you can contact us directly, and we will also decide how to help according to whether there is a local distributor.

The FATBURNING program combines muscle stimulation and metabolism stimulation, which boosts fat burning. Combined with longer training duration, the fat burning process is turbo-charged. Goodbye cellulite!

With the help of EMS, you can build muscle faster, increase your endurance, and decrease your body fat right now. There are many good reasons to use EMS.Start your training right now and change your life. With your personal Visionbody EMS suit, you can maximise your potential.

The XBody training suit contains electrodes for the shoulder area as well, allowing to train even more muscle groups than traditional training suits. The front and back side leg electrodes with the convenient leg straps make leg training twice as effective.

This lightweight, wearable training unit functions as a complete miniaturized EMS device and by synching it to any Actiwave it will continously send all the right signals and impulses to the electrodes in the training suit.

Now with the Go-Out function, stimulation is provided by the Actiwear even when you are no longer inside! This gives the training several exciting and enjoyable possibilities for exercises that can be added to the EMS training sessions.

Providing a professional experience to your clients is more than just using whatever tools you have at your disposal. We have developed special accessories and equipment to make the process of EMS training as effective and as seamless as possible. 041b061a72


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