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Egg, Inc. - The Game that Makes You an Eggspert in Farming

Egg Inc is an extremely engaging, mind-numbing idle "clicker game." You know the type. The type that makes a day at the DMV seem like you've made some progress in life. It's got a weird, nebulous, sort of backstory. I dig it.

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Sounds crazy? Maybe, but aside from accepting a completely plausible premise you really don't need to buy into the philosophy of the game's backstory. You just need to remember that eggs are important. Got that? Okay, let's go.

It's easy to download through the app store of your device overlord's choosing. That said, it's available on Android and iOS. If you're still using a blackberry or windows phone, you probably are better off starting an actual chicken farm.

The tutorial starts off a bit slow but really does run the player through the ins and outs of the game. As with most clicker games, there's a constant barrage of information and items to click. That can be distracting.

Eggs are real money. In game cash, which makes you feel like a balla' are just carpel tunnel inducing clicks. Know the difference. Live the difference. This is where they get ya! Offset that with the bonuses which are called "Boosts".Watching an advertisement will double your productivity for a period of time. Spending eggs will give you different output boosts.

This is just a life lesson that the makers of the games have decided to include, and kudos. The huge difference in Egg Inc vs. normal clickers is you need to come back often to keep your farm running efficiently. Which, whatever. Very few of us playing app clicker games are models of efficiency, but hey, maybe we'll learn something.

As with most clicker games, once you've got a good thing going, it's time to start over. Egg Inc is no different in this regard, but there is some nuance that makes the process of selling more fun than it probably should be.

Look, cheating is immoral... I get it, but if we don't cheat we're not giving the coders any incentive to do a better job tightening up their work. And where would we be as gamers if we weren't teaching coders how to be better people? I'd argue nowhere. So here we go.

There's nothing magical here, sure, but Egg Inc is surprisingly engaging. While clicker games can get somewhat repetitive, it has spent some time making sure that once you install the game, you'll want to come back.

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Egg, Inc. is a simulation game where you get to run a poultry farm. You get to hatch eggs, grow your chickens, make profits, and expand your business! Research is also the key to unlocking the best plans in the future, and you get to enjoy more money at the end of the day! The more you play, the more you grow your dream egg farm! is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

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There are many simulation games available on the internet but many good games are paid. That's why we are going to share a game with you which is free to download and has many features. Egg Inc is a game which has a huge fan following around the world because millions of players are playing this game. It has great ratings and reviews by their players. This is a fun game because in this game you have to make a complete town for your chickens where you can research them.

This game gives you a chance to start your own hen business where you can sell eggs to different companies to make money from them. For this purpose, you have to construct new buildings for research and new farms for hens where you can take care of your hens. Hire people who will work for you in your hen business. This game has the best graphics which is also a big reason why people love to play Egg Inc games.

The Egg Inc game is fully optimized and runs smoothly on updated smart devices. Anyone can play this game because it gives you a good user interface so you can easily understand everything about the game. Features are pretty amazing of this game which makes this game more enjoyable. Let's have a look at everything this game has to offer and get to know why you should download it.

This is the simple basic version of Egg Inc game which offers you multiple free features which you can use in this game. But you need to give them required permission to play this game on your device. You can use only those features and items in this game which are free because there are some paid items. You cannot use paid items for free which means you have to buy them in order to use them. In this basic version of Egg Inc game you play a complete game but with limited features.

The mod version of Egg Inc offers you some great features which you will never get in the basic version of this game. In the mod version Egg Inc game you can use all the paid items or features for free. This version gives you 100% access to all paid items for free. Click on them and you are ready to use them in your game. Mod also gives you unlimited free cash and gold which you can use in your game to buy things for your town. Also in this mod version you will never face ads because this version is also called ads free version.

This is a very interesting feature of the Egg Inc game because you can build your own town according to your design and choice. You have to build new and different buildings where you can send samples for research, so build a research center and hire people who will work for you. Also build huge hen farms to get eggs from them. As you are the main player, you have to create opportunities for your people to work. Launch new factories and farms to expand your business.

Egg Inc has many different challenges for you to play which are small missions to play. You can play missions in this game to win different rewards for your hens and farms. Make sure to complete them on time so you will get exciting new things for your game. You can unlock new things for your town so you can use these items in your town. Participate in multiple challenges and win them to get different rewards.

The Mod version of Egg Inc game gives you this unique feature where you get unlimited free golden eggs and coins. You can use them to buy anything in this game because you are free to spend as much as you want in this game. There is no restriction in the mod version of Egg Inc game so you can play this game on your terms.

In the mod version you will never face ads or pop up ads because this version is completely free from ads. You can play your game without any interruption which is an amazing feature for sure. Play this game in the mod version because this is the only version that gives you freedom from ads. That's why people always ask for the mod version of any game.

Egg Inc game is a fun game to play because it gives you opportunity to think more effectively because this game provides you a complete hen business. Where you can research on different things to grow your business. You can also participate in different missions which will give you rewards so you can use them to get new things for your farms. Build a city where you can hire people to work for you.

The journey in clicker games often starts with humble beginnings. You repeatedly click to produce a resource or earn currency until you have enough money to purchase the first upgrade. From there, you continue adding upgrades to your production to increase the output and revenue.

Once you reach a certain point in many clicker games, clicking becomes unnecessary. This is when a clicker game becomes an idle game. Eventually, you end up living the dream of having a fully automated workflow that earns you big bags of cash.

StoryYou are the owner of a farm. That is about it. This farm only does one thing and that is producing chickens. It does so at an alarming rate when you tap the hatchery (which can be upgraded to just press for us lazy folks) The chickens run into their homes and lay eggs. That about sums up the entire game. Oh, and you need transportation for the eggs. As you increase the value of your farm you gain access to a new type of egg and get to scrap your crappy regular egg farm for new Immortality or Fusion eggs. You also get to be an amateur drone killer as they fly all over your farm, trying to steal secrets? And you get to tap them and bring them down for sweet, sweet cash.

GameplayNow the first thing I always want to know when playing any new free game is how free is free? Well with Egg Inc they do have an in-game currency but are VERY generous with gifting it to you via shipping boxes, drone killing, and logins. You will easily get lots of $s worth of the currency with normal play. You tap for the chickens to come out and make sure you have the vehicles to haul the eggs. 2b4c41e320


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