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Where To Buy Porch Swings 2021

I think we can all agree that porch swings are pretty charming. With their generous backrests and plush cushions, porch swings add instant curb appeal to a home and invite us to curl up with a book, chat with a friend or simply close our eyes and sway the afternoon away. (Read: They quite literally sweep us off our feet.)

where to buy porch swings

So, if you're looking for a special place to perch this spring and summer, a porch swing might be exactly what you need. Keep scrolling to see our top picks for every style and budget. We've even included a few no-drills-necessary options as well.

SIZE: Most porch swings are about four to five feet long and can support anywhere from 400 to 800 pounds. (Note: The weight capacity is usually listed under Product Details.) To find the right size for your space, simply consider how many people will use the porch swing at the same time. If the answer is one to two adults, then you should be fine with a standard model. But if it's three or more adults, then you'll want to upgrade to a larger porch swing or even a hanging day bed.

MATERIAL: Naturally, porch swings are exposed to the elements. So it's important to choose materials that can withstand moisture and UV rays like teak or acacia wood, wicker and coated metal. Look for phrases like "water-resistant" and "rust-resistant" in the item description, too.

INSTALLATION: For safety and stability, standard porch swings should be hung from ceiling beams or joists. If your space lacks joists or you'd rather not drill holes, though, you can easily opt for a freestanding porch swing or a glider. We've included several below.

Elevate your outdoor space and enjoy all the sunny afternoons to come with this effortlessly elegant cross-back porch swing. The frame is crafted from mixed wood in a soft gray finish and features X-slats along the back for added visual interest. Meanwhile, the white all-weather cushion is just as comfortable as it looks and easy to clean, too.

If you're looking for something more traditional, try this solid mahogany porch swing. With its supportive slatted back and gently rolled arms, this two-person bench is perfect for reading, bird watching or simply basking in the sun. And thanks to the steel chains and tie-on cushion, you can adjust the height and seat respectively.

It doesn't get more luxurious than this. Bring a taste of paradise to your porch with this plump rattan hanging daybed. The frame is crafted from aluminum and features a generous, weatherproof Sunbrella mattress, so you can sit back or stretch out. Pile the bed with outdoor throw pillows and prepare to feel like you're on a permanent vacation.

We have good news: Thanks to this freestanding porch swing, you can officially relax without drilling holes into your ceiling. The sturdy wood frame and steel chains can support up to 400 pounds, while the slatted back keeps you in a comfortable, upright position. Best of all? You can set this porch swing up anywhere outside.

However, because of the light weight of this material, unoccupied swings are susceptible to becoming airborne in high winds. Consider covering them or strapping them down when not in use, and avoid installing near windows.

But perhaps, the best testament of the longevity of wooden porch swings comes from your own experience. There are countless stories of childhood memories created around high-quality porch swings that are still in the family today. Many last for generations.

This guide covers the longevity of types of wood for a porch swing, metal framing and suspension considerations, and best maintenance practices to ensure that your wooden porch swing lasts for years to come.

There are several types of materials used for outdoor porch swings. The most common are plastic, metal, wood, or wicker. Plastic and metal options tend to withstand rain and snow, while wicker is known for being lightweight and fairly easy to clean. But if your goal is for your porch swing to last a lifetime, then real wood porch swings are the best option.

Cypress, cedar, teak, and pine are the most popular types of wood used for outdoor swings. But when it comes to staying-power, only certain species of wood are suited to withstand the elements in the long run.

This unique porch swing is built to give the best user experience while lasting. The materials and design used to make it the perfect tool for function and relaxation. This porch Swing is built with secure seating with a weighted seat coupled with two steel mounting chains and four anchor points designed to prevent the seat from tripping over regardless of the seating balance and wind.

The weather-resistant materials used in this porch swing mean that you will enjoy it for years to come. A set of mounting hardware fasteners and anchor bolts help secure this unique chair anywhere in your home. The classic design also gives it a unique aesthetic appeal. One unique feature of this chair is that it can seat up to 3 people comfortably because of its high 500-pound capacity and 45-inch seat.

This Amish Heavy-duty porch swing is made using the best kiln-dried pressure-treated pine. The chair is made using an environmentally friendly soy-based cedar tone stain. The swing is meant to be attached to the ceiling with the sturdy chains that come with the purchase. and is shipped partially assembled with detailed instructions. The swing comes with a good chain for hanging it from an 8-foot ceiling.

A: Most patio and porch ceilings have horizontal joists, but if yours doesn't have one that's big enough or falls where you want to hang the swing, you can install 4 x 4's, which will work well with most swings.

A: The amount of weight a swing can hold will depend on its size, but most porch swings are more than capable of sustaining up to 550 pounds of weight. If you're worried about your swing's durability, consider investing in better-quality chains that can support more weight.

A: Wooden porch swings are very popular, but if you plan on putting them outdoors, you should consider resealing the wood with a waterproof sealant, which is easily available in most hardware stores.

The ubiquitous lounging choice for porches everywhere, the swing. Let your feet hang and feel the motion of the outdoors as you watch the world pass by. The Adirondack Swing, now available in a single or a double in our flagship Adirondack Collection.

Our porch swing designs are inspired by old world architecture and constructed with attention to every detail. Each Nostalgic Porch Swing is an individually handcrafted, fine piece of furniture. The deep-seated design provides sofa-like comfort. Then choose stain colors and fabric colors to perfectly accent your home.

If you have the perfect spot, then we have the perfect swing for you. This robust farmhouse style porch swing is a relaxing addition to your porch, garden or patio and enjoy the gentle breeze. The perfect size to comfortably accommodate two people.

During Memorial Day weekend, several of the porch swings at West End Square were damaged by forceful swinging. This made it clear to us at Parks for Downtown Dallas (PfDD) that it was time to design a solution that makes this much-loved park feature more durable. So, the porch swings were temporarily removed from The Porch. Our goal is to develop a modification to the porch swings to make them more robust without sacrificing what made this element special in the first place.

Custom Carolina Hanging Beds has over 25 years of wood working experience and master carpentry. These Charleston-based handmade Hanging Beds are personally customized for your bedroom, porch or outdoor living space. Custom Carolina Hanging Beds also offers cushion packages, accessories, and nationwide shipping.

Custom Carolina Hanging Beds has over 25 years of wood working experience and master carpentry. These Charleston-based handmade Hanging Beds are personally customized for your bedroom, porch or outdoor living space.

Visited my brothers house on james island to find the most beautiful & comfortable hanging bed on his porch. He was gifted the Beaufort Hanging bed for his birthday and it really ties his screened porch together with a cozy lowcountry feel like no other.

I highly recommend Custom Carolina Hanging Beds, Cindi is great to work with, so responsive and really worked with me to answer all my questions The quality of the porch swing is great! highly recommend! I searched many other sites, this is the best value!

Choose wooden porch swings for comfort and classic looks. If you prefer traditional décor that never goes out of style, wooden porch swing will probably fit your home best. These popular outdoor swings are made of a variety of woods, but cedar is best for outdoors. Many cedar swings are also treated with a waterproof sealant, which give them a glossy appearance and protects them from water damage. If hanging from your porch, make sure your porch is sturdy enough to hang a swing as they can be heavy. If you decide a hanging porch swing puts too much stress on your porch, you can also find porch swings that hang from a base like our Yard Swing Frame or our Basic Frame.

Then consider the best material for your new porch swing. Wood is classic and durable but not the most comfortable without cushions, while quick-drying fabrics will work well in areas exposed to the elements.

The Maine Porch Swing will look right at home on any porch, thanks to its simple, classic design. This 54-in. swing is made from solid hardwood with a traditional slat back, finished in a white paint that provides protection from the elements. The swing can support up to 500 lbs. and will be a swing everyone will enjoy.

Small porch? No problem! The August Grove Zandra Porch Swing is just 29 inches wide. The single seat is made from premium recycled plastic lumber, comes in 14 colors and can support up to 250 lbs. You can also build a small porch swing yourself. 041b061a72


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