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smart 2.0 (v4.0) is a pc-based, dual channel, fft-based frequency analysis and measurement platform that can be used for hundreds of different tasks. smart combines the full functionality of a spectrum analyser and special sound card in a single, easily configurable package. the system consists of a cpu-based controller (pc or laptop), the acquisition cards and the data acquisition software. the controller generates the triggers to the acquisition card and the sound card. measurements are performed in the sound card using the fft function of the sound card and the spectrum analyser output is stored on disk. the controller is used to control the user interface, regulate the temperature and to control the processes for saving the data to disk. in addition to that, the sound card can also perform signal processing and rms calculations to analyse the rf spectra. data can be recorded to memory and/or disk.

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the information on this page is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. to the best of our knowledge, fft does not cause seizures or brain damage. "real-time" results are a simulation and are not representative of what will be seen during an actual diagnostic session. non-invasive monitoring of the auditory system is the standard procedure for screening and diagnosing certain types of hearing disorders. in most cases, early detection of hearing loss is the best treatment for reversing it.

fft is a collection of routines to perform fast fourier transform and in turn, fft is the only available, fast fourier transform algorithm in the apple quicktime video library and is also available on multiple windows platforms and on mac os x, amongst a few other implementations such as matlab, brainwaver pro, and so forth. fft can be used to create video or audio decompression algorithms that in turn can be used to decompress and sample audio and video compressed data (demux).


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