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Josh Moeller
Josh Moeller

Ladyboy Cum Hiv

I am in Thailand and had sex last night with a ladyboy. I was extremely drunk and wasn't thinking at all straight. I'm now really worried that I may have caught HIV and I can't stop thinking about it. I can't believe how stupid I was.

ladyboy cum hiv

Clearly this ladyboy gets ****** by different guys on a very regular basis. The fact that he carried a condom and washed twice (once before and once after the act) is a little more positive, but clearly he's still a very high risk.

Well, if you were having sex with a "ladyboy," you obviously weren't "thinking at all straight!" You'd be thinking at least "bi-curious", right? Anyway, on to your concerns . . . which, by the way, have more redacted words than a classified Bush torture memo!

Also, Brazil and Columbia have a huge population of trans girls (who end up mostly being sex workers to pay for all the tits and buttlifts and so forth) that are willing to bareback quite easily so the infection rates are so high down there in the trans community. Over in Thailand some researchers estimate the sex worker ladyboys are 25 or more percent with HIV because again, they will bareback quite easily if the right price is in front of them. 041b061a72


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