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Rome Total War Patch 13 Crack No Cd

Rome Total War Patch 13 Crack No Cd

Rome Total War is a strategy game that lets you control the Roman Empire and its enemies in historical battles and campaigns. The game was released in 2004 by Creative Assembly and Activision, and received critical acclaim for its graphics, gameplay, and historical accuracy. However, some players encountered problems with the game's copy protection system, which required the original CD to be inserted every time the game was launched. This was inconvenient and sometimes caused errors or crashes. To solve this issue, some players looked for ways to crack the game and bypass the CD check.

One of the most popular methods to crack Rome Total War was to use a patch that updated the game to version 1.5, which removed the CD check and also fixed some bugs and added some features. The patch was officially released by Creative Assembly in 2006, but it also required a valid CD key to install. Therefore, some players used a key generator or a fake key to install the patch, or downloaded a pre-patched version of the game from torrent sites or other sources. However, these methods were illegal and risky, as they could expose the players to viruses, malware, or legal actions.


A safer and more ethical way to play Rome Total War without the CD was to use a no-CD crack that replaced the original executable file of the game with a modified one that did not require the CD. These cracks were usually made by groups of hackers or modders who reverse-engineered the game's code and removed the CD check. Some of these cracks also included other features or modifications, such as improved compatibility, enhanced graphics, or custom campaigns. However, not all of these cracks were compatible with the official patch 1.5, which was considered the best version of the game by many players. Therefore, some players looked for a no-CD crack that worked with patch 1.5.

One of the most reliable sources for such a no-CD crack was MegaGames, a website that provided game fixes, trainers, cheats, and mods for various games. On this website, players could find a no-CD crack for Rome Total War - Collection v1.0 All No-DVD [Prophet], which included both the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansions. This crack was compatible with patch 1.5 and did not require any CD key or installation. The players just had to download the crack file, unzip it, and copy it to the game's directory, replacing the original RomeTW.exe file. Then they could launch the game without inserting the CD.

Another source for a no-CD crack for Rome Total War was Mod DB, a website that hosted mods and patches for various games. On this website, players could find a patch file that updated the game from version 1.3 to version 1.5. This patch also removed the CD check and fixed some bugs and added some features. However, this patch required a valid CD key to install, which could be obtained from the original CD case or from online sources. The players had to download the patch file, run it, and enter their CD key when prompted. Then they could play the game without inserting the CD.

In conclusion, Rome Total War was a great game that suffered from some technical issues related to its copy protection system. To play the game without inserting the CD every time, some players used illegal methods such as cracking or pirating the game, while others used legal methods such as using no-CD cracks or patches that removed the CD check. These methods had different advantages and disadvantages in terms of compatibility, security, and ethics. The best method depended on each player's preference and situation.


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