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Izotope Rx 7 Vocal Rider

Auto Level Mode is an exciting new feature in Nectar 3 that adjusts the level of your vocal in real-time, eliminating the need for corrective dynamics, hand drawn automation and riding the fader. Watch the video below for examples and tips on how to use it.

Izotope Rx 7 Vocal Rider

Do you struggle to get your vocals to sound like professional recordings? Well I think I've found a silver bullet to quickly make your vocal mixes sound amazing. In this Izotope Nectar 3 review, I'll show you how this handy all-in-one plugin can enable your vocal production workflow.

The Gate will clean up your vocals and prepare them for the reverb module which will add smooth natural space or a massive layer of ambience depending on what you fancy. It's the easiest, most transparent noise gate I've ever worked with, and actually find myself using it on non-vocal tracks all the time because it's so simple to dial in the perfect settings!

And if that's not enough, Nectar has 2 other hugely important features! An auto level mode that will automatically adjust the volume of the vocal to a desired volume for consistent volume levels without the need to squash things with a compressor (this can also be really helpful to use on bass). And a limiter which can be really useful for containing super dynamic performances!

The Izotope Vocal Bundle (check price) comes with both Nectar 3 and the incredible VocalSynth 2 in which gives you a one-two punch of incredible vocal plugins. The VocalSynth 2 accents the Nectar 3 by giving you powerful stompbox-style studio effects including Vocoder, Polyvox, Biovox, Talkbox and Compuvox which can be polished with the Nectar 3.

Get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools designed for vocal production. From corrective to creative vocal production all the way to the final polish, Nectar 3 brings out your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. Put your vocals in their place with everything you need for a clear, professional sound.

VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of vocal possibilities. Colour and shape vocals with five blendable eccentric-must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects. A one-stop for past, present, and future vocal sounds, VocalSynth 2 features a Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox, and Biovox: a brand new effect based on the sonic qualities of the human vocal tract.

If you tend to do a lot of vocal heavy production, writing level rides can be a time-consuming process. Vocal Rider is a smart, labour saving plugin that does the job for you. Its simple controls, sensible layout and slick-looking interface make it a joy to use, and you can write its output back as DAW automation for further tweaking if required.

This can happen. Maybe your vocalist was moving around a lot when they were in front of the mic. Or maybe you comped together different vocal performances from different days. And each performance had some major tonal differences.

Nectar 3 adds the ability to address masking of any vocal with Vocal Assistant: Unmask. Unmask directly communicates with the rest of your mix to place your vocal at the forefront by moving other mix elements out of the way. Through inter-plugin communication, Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3, Neutron 2 Advanced (available separately), or iZotope Relay (included with Nectar 3) to create the perfect nest for your vocal.

Nectar 3 includes two new 24-band Dynamic EQs form-fit to the unique needs of vocals. Transparent and clear, the Dynamic EQs serve both corrective and creative applications with adaptive nodes for frequency sculpting and pitch tracking. The new Follow EQ mode allows direct, dynamic tracking of pitch, eliminating the need for manual editing of individual resonant frequencies and harmonics for active shaping of timbre and tone.

Nectar 3 is also bundled with iZotope RX Breath Control, which is designed to intelligently detect breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and automatically suppress them, saving invaluable time in the comping and prep stage of vocal editing.

Twelve redesigned and updated modules for completely vocal-focused production and mixing including: Corrective and Creative Dynamic EQs, Compression, Harmony, Pitch, De-Esser, Saturation, Reverb, Gate, and Dimension. Improvements to modules include:

The RX De-ess removes any sibilance within the audio, especially the vocals. Sibilance usually lies in the high-mid and high frequencies. However, you can select the exact frequency by selecting the cutoff frequency and the threshold after which the sibilance starts occurring.

While recording vocals, you may capture clicks and lip smacks in the audio. The RX module has a plugin for getting rid of those sounds, called the Mouth De-click, and has only three parameters and an easy workflow to work with it.

The RX Breadth Control is a smart plugin for detecting and removing breadth sounds from dialogues or vocal performances. It saves you time and effort manually looking for breadth and cleaning them. It does that in a very clicks, with only two parameters: Gain and Sensitivity, by which you can control the sound.

If your main choice is restoring the intelligibility of recorded audio, this plug-in is a must-have. It works great for the audio restaurateurs and forensic field. Even though this plugin is very flexible and versatile, we advise you not to use it on music vocals because it can be a little harsh with suppression.

This Apollo exclusive plugin combines noise suppression technology created by Cedar with real-time UAD processing. This plugin was designed to clean room and reverberation from vocal tracks recorded in poorly treated rooms.

WNS Noise Suppressor is a plugin to reduce noise from any vocal recording. As with every plugin from the family, WNS performs nicely and smoothly. It works in real-time with zero latency. You can use it with any vocal source, but it is ideal for dialog, narration, voiceovers, and broadcasting.

Vocal Rider is a reasonably straightforward plugin that will help you optimize your vocal level. In simple words, it will make quiet phrases louder and loud ones softer and wonderfully help you keep the dynamics. And it will be much more organic than simply squeezing vocals with compression. Just put this plugin in the chain between the EQ and the compressor, and it does its magic.

Even when it disrupts a flawless performance, singers persist in breathing! You can truly steal their breath away with DeBreath. A special algorithm used by DeBreath automatically recognizes and divides a vocal performance into two independent tracks: voice-only and breath-only.

You may now decide how much breath your vocal recording should have and how it should be handled. You may add room tone even if breaths have been omitted or diminished. You, therefore, have a wide range of alternatives with this plugin when you wish to adjust your breathing.

Clarity Vx brings back music you previously dismissed as being too loud, including old recordings, subpar productions, hissy recordings, out-of-focus recordings, and many other issues. Innovative method for removing background noise from the conversation and vocal tracks.

In conclusion, we can state that these picks largely satisfy all of your post-production audio demands when you launch a podcast channel. However, we strongly advise considering the need for an audio treatment of the room where you record the sound when you start a podcast since this option gives a lot higher quality when mixing the recorded vocal tracks.

Listing the best vocal mixing plugins is difficult. There are countless VST plugins that excel at treating vocals. There are also several vocal mixing plugins equally as good at doing a specific task.

Subtractive EQing vocals is a critical step. Equalization fixes problematic frequencies, creates clarity, and adds presence. Parametric equalizers are the best for corrective and surgical EQ work. They can boost or cut frequencies with pinpoint accuracy. They are also the most flexible, have adjustable frequency bands, and are transparent sounding.

The best way to add presence and shape tone is with an analog modeled EQ. These equalizers add, warmth, presence, punch, character, and sheen to vocals. If you have a dull or buried vocal, try using the Maag EQ4 to put your vocal at the front of the mix.

The UREI/Universal Audio 1176 is one of the most famous and widely used FET limiting amplifiers. It is a fast compressor, capable of taming sharp transients in the vocal. Moreover, it has a desirable sonic character revered by top music producers and engineers. There are also several plugin emulations of iconic 1176. UA and Waves both have 1176 plugins that work excellent on vocals!

Celemony Melodyne is an advanced tool that makes it easy to manipulate pitch, vibrato, timing, envelopes, and formants of audio. Melodyne automatically slices up the waveform of your audio into notes. You can then zoom in on each note to make pinpoint edits. Tuning problematic vocal notes will ensure the recording is perfectly in key with your song.


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