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Episode 2.4 Download _VERIFIED_ Movie Free

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Episode 2.4 Download Movie Free

MediaPortal 2.4.1 is a full-blown media center software that addresses most common user requirements out of the box. Aside from its support for Live TV and Radio, it offers a complete media server for music, movies, and series. Info is automatically downloaded from various sources to provide posters, fanart, album art, and various additional metadata, such as cast, staff, and more. MediaPortal 2.4.1 also provides access to online video sources such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.

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+ added new style for Kodi v19+ - =370489 ( ) \+ added an option to specify update check interval/disable update check completely \+ (movie, TV show) added the ability to copy renamer token into the clipboard (CTRL C, right click) \+ upgraded libmediainfo to 22.12 \+ new implementation of the IMDB scraper (check scraper settings!) \+ added new IMDB trailer scraper (needs to be activated in the settings) \+ added a new renderer to process outputs from multiple renderers #1980 ( ) \+ open context menu of movie/movie set/TV show lists via context menu key on the keyboard x automatically close renamer preview if nothing needs to be renamed #1964 x do not store filters if they are not active #1961 x do not remove missing episodes with unset DVD S/E #1960 x (movie) create new editions when importing NFO files #1959 x (movie) reserve more space for the edition dropdown #1963 x (movie) added some more editions per default #1987 x (movie) enabled strict case comparison when creating new editions #1969 x improve episode detection to find them also in optional [brackets] x (TV shows) fixed filtering for missing episode thumbs #1977 x able to exchange movies with same name in case of MMD x fix parsing MediaSource on exchanged video files #1992 x remember all splitter locations #1966 x (movie) enhanced detection of movie titles when parsing the data source x (AniDB) inform users when they are banned #1997 x (movie, TV show) set playcount and lastplayed along with watched state in the NFO #1983 x fixed deletion of filter presets when the warning has been disabled #2002 x added season name renamer token to the examples #1968 x provide release date as another date field for UI #1981 x added "Passed" and "Approved" to US certifications #2001 x fixed adding of new extrathumbs/extrafanarts #1996 x switch url back to original x IMDB: artworks should only be downscaled, but never upscaled - #1988 x added some validation to the aspect ratio detection #2016 x prevent UI lockups when writing NFO files is not possible

x better detect and parse movie structures #1932x fixed changing of tags in episodes #1955x (IMDB) make cleaner calls to avoid HTTP 403 responsesx (TV show) better cleanup after scraping in the episode editorx added module name into title bar of the filter dialog

+ added the ID of the movie/TV show to the search results #1824+ added a renamer token for TV show genres and TV show/episode ratings #1874+ also delete unwanted folders on rename #1692+ TV episodes: also detect IDs from filename+ changing the user rating will remove it from the ratings+ added regular expression based skip folders for TV shows #1402+ added a path based filter for movies and TV shows #1891x do not check title token for valid episode name pattern #1870x fixed timing of KodiRPC calls #1831x (TVDB) allow using a subscriber API key & pinx (TMDB) matching of episode numbers #1884x update movie media source on exchanged video filesx remove all scraped IDs when changing episode/season numbersx upgrade MediaSource BluRay to UHD-BluRay, if video specs say sox (TVDB) also scrape certification data for TV showsx KodiRPC: better handling of URIs for matching (stackoverflow) #1903x read real subtitle format via mediainfo

+ redesign the file type panel+ added Top 250 column to the movie list #1838x fix displaying correct runtime for disc foldersx preserve tags order #1848x better fallback scraper selectionx merging multiple items should not remove anything #1840x (TMDB) fixed rating download for TV showsx do not try to get episode thumbs from #1855x ignore tmdbcol (from Ember) in the duplicate filterx (AniDB) fixed scraping of episodesx saving of changes genres/tags in the movie/TV show editor #1858x (TV shows) removed double assigned hotkey #1851x fix scraping TV season names #1856x also set unknown HDR valuesx respect preferred artwork sizes for TV shows toox fix loading values in the replacement renderer

+ redesign artwork type naming panelx check for existing ID when using MPDb.TV scraper (metadata & artwork)x fixed aspect ratio detection; improved logging of errorsx fixed occasional removing of cast when re-scrape #1840x fixed downloading of some YT trailersx fixed fetching of season artwork from TVDB #1841x fixed KodiRPC calls #1831x download missing artwork did not respect the chosen scrapersx improved fallback episode detection for files with just numbersx improved error handling on reading MediaInfo XMLsx revert UI lib to fix scaling issues with bigger fontsx better error handlingx fix FFMpeg artwork scraper for tv episodes #1842x parse even more metadata fields of MKV files

+ enabled multi line notes #1710+ updated libmediainfo to 22.03+ added a renamer token for movie set index respecting missing movies #1702+ (movies/TV shows) write tag for actors in the NFO file #1722x (movies/TV shows) fixed losing of entries after loading #1714x (TV shows) fixed incomplete missing episodes list #1713x (TV shows) smaller fixes for displaying missing episodesx improved download speed of trailersx (TV shows) allow episode numbers up to 6 digits long #1712x prevent adding duplicate data sourcesx prevent an occasional crash in the movie search dialog #1695x changed imdb actor image loading/scaling algorithmx (TV shows) removed duplicated shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N #1719x removed some well known words from being deleted in the title detection #1721x suppress scraping a blank title due to a wrong configuration #1703

+ added certification support for Hong Kong #1623+ added button to create movie sets from within the movie editor+ (movies/TV shows) added support for clearlogo in the information panels #1604+ enabled displaying of animated gifs in the artwork panel #1621+ added an action to just (re)scrape TV shows/episodes (without the need to trigger a search)+ (TV show) added changing of the display season to the bulk editor #1590+ (movie sets/TV shows) added enhanced keyboard navigation for tables #1408+ also parse TMDB id from the filename in update data sources needs to be in the form tmdb-xxxxx or tmdbid-xxxxx+ added the option to use the release date as in the NFO files x enhanced the ISO parser for BluRays and DVDs x increased loading speed of large libraries #1613 x removed rating for movie set completeness check x do not check season names for missing seasons #1602 x storing of window locations/sizes in batch mode x force re-reading mediainfo after exchanging the video file #1631 x rewrote caching of animated gifs (if you have animated gifs, you may need to rebuild the image cache) x storing of hidden columns for some tables x cleaner shutdown of the IMDB id cache #1647 x added MAKEMKV to skip folders per default #1636 x proper cleanup of resources in the media files panel #1411 x (movie sets/TV shows) loading of filters at startup x enhanced merging of tags #1588 x fixed renaming of TV show thumbs when auto renaming is active #1630 x RPC: fixed Kodi version display #1651 x avoid downloading of 0byte images #1648 x some fixes to the TVmaze scraper x do not process episodes with season


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